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Located in historic Springfield, MA, birthplace of basketball and Dr. Seuss, Aguila Recording Studio has been fulfilling the dreams of musicians and singers alike since 2006.

Aguila Recording Studios prides itself in providing only the best equipment and talent to all our prospective clients. We have worked with many of the top talents in the Spanish Christian Market including Nancy Amancio, Rocio Crooke, Alberto Conde, Rene Gonzalez and More.

We strive to provide a positive and friendly environment that enriches the overall experience and allows the creative juices to flow in order to produce top quality material that all our clients are 100% satisfied with. Take a look at our testimonial page and see for yourself what sets Aguila Recording Studio apart from the rest.

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About Abi Robles

Abi Robles’ style of drumming has been described as passionate, explosive, powerful and a God-given talent. Born and raised in Holyoke, Massachusetts by the age of 2, he would use his mother’s pots and pans as if they were a drum set. Self-taught, his drumming experience began at the age of 12, from hands-on experience and from on the job training. At this young age he started playing gigs with local professionals and participated in numerous drummer events including the 2000 Guitar Center Drum-Off competition in the House of Blues, California. His influences were drummers such as Dave Weckl, Vinny Coliuta and Steve Gadd. Taking influences from a wide range of styles and genres such as R&B, Hip Hop, Hard Rock, Funk, Blues and Latin.  Abi’s style comes from a thorough understanding of rudimentary drumming and groove playing.

Abi has over 25 yrs of drumming experience and has recorded drum sessions on over 75 albums. He has recorded and toured for popular Latin artists including Funky (Funky Town & Canzion), Domenic Marte (Sony), Eric Lopez (Integrity), Nancy Amancio, Rocio Crooke, Rene Gonzalez, El Trio De Hoy, and many more.

Today Abi continues to tour all over the world and is the owner and producer of Aguila Records, where he has produced some of the leading Spanish Gospel Artist.  Such as, Nancy Amancio who won one of the most prestigious Spanish Christian Awards called Cassandra award for album of the Year 2008.  An album, which he produced, entitled “Impactando las Naciones”. Also another Artist Rocio Crooke the album entitled “No Es El Final” won an award named ARPA awards held in Mexico also for album of the year.  On his off time he continues to do sessions and drum lessons.  He currently resides in Springfield, MA with his beautiful wife, Cindy and two amazing children.

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